"Willow & Oak is a small artisan line of botanical skincare products with the intention to strengthen our connection to healing plants. Plants connect us to our planet and continue to remind us to be mindful of our intentions and to take a moment for ourselves."

Hello my name is Nikki, and I am the creator and day dreamer behind Willow & Oak Skintonics. I began creating body care products after I was told by my doctor that I had uterine fibroids. By this point I was severely depressed and anemic, constipated daily and could barely urinate as the tumors were sitting and growing aggressively around these areas. Though a surgery eventually did happen, for several years leading up to that I had studied everything I could find to understand how my body became so unbalanced so that these tumors would never return. 

I began to watch what I was putting inside my body more strictly, as well as what I was putting on it. Because of these changes, I started to feel better! I immediately connected and became obsessed with herbal alchemy and went deep into the rabbit hole to learn everything and anything I could read, touch, smell and taste to get my life back from these debilitating tumors. What I found was hope and inspiration in these magical plants. Healing teas in the morning, yoga, aromatherapy, breathwork and reiki became my daily rituals. It felt like a right of passage was happening so that I could connect with the medicine spirits, but most importantly connect with me... so that I could connect and share with you. 

These herbal skintonics are created to ensure that you do not have to worry about creepy ingredients. You will find no fillers here. They are made to invigorate and strengthen our relationship to our bodies and to mother earth. If you are going to take, you have to give. Everything you find here and put on your body has been responsibly sourced from various local family owned farms and small businesses that share our philosophy using organic, wild-harvested, and fair-trade ingredients that are plant and earth based. Love and light.