What do you know about Rosemary? The savory herb sautéed into your veggies? So good with potatoes tho, right? Well if you have come here you know by now my products always have a culinary flair to them. Meaning, you will have had some experience eating one of these herbs or flowers that I have chosen to use in my products.  

Rosemary was not a first choice but rather a peculiar one. It had too many associations with food for me and the smell was like a weekend camping trip in the woods. Oooh, you smell that pine...ahhhh...nature. Off the subject but when I go camping my bowels LITERALLY shut down and I am unable to...poop. Does this happen to you? It's awful. Wonder if Rosemary can solve this issue? Hmm...dunno. 

I changed my tune about rosemary when I started to learn more about essential oils. Rosemary's benefits started to intrigue me and when I started to work with it...game changer. The variety I use is called Rosemary C.T. Verbenone. The C.T. meaning chemotype.To not bore you to death it's an essential oil chemotype that is derived from a plant that has the same visual appearance and characteristics but is chemically composed of different components.

Verbenone is a softer and more gentle version of Rosemary. A more fresh and forest-like aroma (ooph...I just got a flashback of camping). It’s absolutely beautiful. It energizes the mind, restores the skin and hair with its regenerative properties. Naturally, I chose this variety to help combat various skin issues that will pop up from time to time or help with ones that hang out too long. 

Rosemary has also been used medicinally in many ancient civilizations as a purifying and protective herb against diseases and illnesses. Rosemary oil contains carnosol and myrcene, two chemicals that act as powerful antioxidants that hunt down free radicals that can damage your cells and cause a number of infections and diseases to occur. Eating, inhaling and applying rosemary oil can help boosts your immune system...bonus! I’d say its a good idea to trust our ancestors on this one. The plant medicine of Rosemary has a pretty amazing track record. BOOM!


  • promotes hair growth
  • helps heal burns and wounds
  • encourages cell regeneration
  • firms and contracts exposed tissue
  • tones and restores venous circulation
  • promotes the healing of tissues
  • tightens your skin to combat signs of aging
  • protects against the damage of free radicals and sun damage


  • imparts positivity, confidence, and concentration
  • can be inhaled to strengthen mental awareness
  • reduces nervous fatigue
  • strengthens the nervous system
  • helps alleviate stress and nervous tension
  • relieves mental fatigue
 Check out I Go To Work,  here  to read about how this spot treatment may be a hero in your life. 

Check out I Go To Work, here to read about how this spot treatment may be a hero in your life.